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Community Builder. Purpose Driven Entrepreneur. Rural Champion.

Alaina Lockart - Community Builder

Alaina Lockhart is an award-winning entrepreneur, a former municipal councillor, and the first woman elected to represent the riding of Fundy Royal in the House of Commons. After leaving politics in 2019, she founded InCredible Insights, a company focused on providing guidance to communities, governments, and organizations as they seek purpose driven solutions.

Alaina has an ability to connect quickly with people and to identify what is really important to them. She believes that credibility is built though mutual respect, competence and clear communication and that is the way she guides those who lead.

Whether you attend an event where she speaks, participate in a training workshop, or engage her advisory services, you will walk away with the confidence you need to co-create and act on policies and projects that will make a positive impact on people’s lives.

“My mission is to provide leaders with the inspiration and tools they need to bring their communities together to create a future with purpose."  ~ Alaina Lockhart

How I Can Help You Lead

  • Mapping out the Assets, Skills & Capacity in your organization or community
  • Building Relationships amongst the people and organizations who are “doing”
  • Leveraging your assets for Economic Development and Information Sharing
  • Convening people to create a vision with purpose

What We Can Achieve Together

Our work together will follow a 3-Step process.

  • 1 We will ASSESS your community's resiliency using the WISER© assessment tool to determine challenges and opportunities for growth.
  • 2 We will work together to ENGAGE your community and set your priorities for the future. The process will ensure you are united in your plan for the future.
  • 3 I will provide you the guidance to unite and lead your community confidently to gain support from stakeholders and ACHIEVE your community goals.

"Alaina was instrumental in facilitating a conversation between stakeholders in our rural community. Alaina’s expertise in community development and her passion to diversify the use of rural community colleges was key in further developing our partnership. Since working with Alaina we have made remarkable advancements in how we cooperate with the local community college and other stakeholders."

Chris Sheppard
Event Organizer
Roots, Rants and Roars
Elliston, NL

What Alaina Is Thinking on Today

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Nothing makes us happier than hearing from people who believe in their communities and are ready for real progress that will make a positive impact in people's lives.

Alaina Lockart

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